Saturday, September 11, 2010

[Fancam] Behind The Scene of Naughty Kiss filming by PerfectKimHyunJoong

It's another long wait before Wednesday come again. Never once I have longing for a weekday to come earlier. ^o^

Thanks Perfect for sharing these fancam. At least we have something to pass time while waiting.


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kiss No. 4

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Ep 5 Preview:

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kiss No. 3

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Ep 4 Preview:


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[News][2010.09.08] Artist Kim Hyun Joong's fans made promotion poster which attracted eyeballs

Credit: Nate + (Chinese Translation) 小馒头 @ Baidu Tieba KHJ + (English Translation)
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[News][2010.09.08] Artist Kim Hyun Joong's fans made promotion poster which attracted eyeballs

Artist Kim Hyun Joong's fans made promotion poster which attracted much attention.

MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama 'Naughty Kiss' was broadcast last week (Screenwriter: Go Eun Nim, Director: Hwang In Roe). The story began with a proud, IQ more than 200 guy, Bae Seung Ju, who is acted by Kim Hyun Joong.

One year after acting in 'Boys Over Flowers', Kim Hyun Joong acted in 'Naughty Kiss'. His fans self produced promotion poster to place on public bus and also bill board.

'Naughty Kiss' is originated from popular same name Japan manga, revealing the romance between Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. Also included the interesting story of Lee Tae Sung comical behaviour.

For the 3rd episode on 8th September, the running race scene between Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Tae Sung will be broadcast.

[OST] Naughty Kiss OSt - One More Time by Hyun Joong

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[Translation] Hani's love letter to Seung Jo

Credit: (Korean Letter + English Translation)
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From: Oh Hani
To: Baek Seungjo


이름을 써놓고 한참을 보았어요
사실 난, 당신을 승조라고 부르지 않아요
난 당신을, 숲의 정령이라고 불러요
왜냐고 묻지 않는다면 얼마나 좋을까요..
그건 당신도 고1 여름, 그날을 기억한다는 얘기잖아요
그날 이후, 나는 며칠이나 아팠어요.
아주 홍역을 치렀죠
그래요, 알아요 그건 꿈이었죠
근데 가끔은 그날이 진짜고, 지금은 꿈인것 같아요
친구들은 혹시 내가 내마음에 속고 있는 건 아니냐고 해요.
어떻게 꿈에서 잠깐 본 마음이 3년을 갈수 있냐구요.
하지만 난 알아요
이건 아주 분명해요
당신을 볼 때마다, 너무나 설레이는 걸요.
내 하루는 온통 당신거에요....
...............내가 어떤가요
.............눈에 밟힌 적 있었나요
.....한번쯤은 나 때문에......
......제발, 내 마음을...............


English translation:


After writing your name, I stare at it for a long time
To be honest, I don't call you as Seung-jo
I call you as "The Genie from the Forest"
If you don't ask me why, wouldn't it be so nice..
When you were in your high school 1st year, that summer, you made a speech which I still remember
Since that day, I had been in pain for a few days.
It was a very tough period of time for me
Yeah that's right, I know, it was like a dream
But that day seemed so real at times, and now it's like a dream
Even my friends sometimes doubt about this delusion contained in my heart.
How in the world did my heart which only saw that split second in a dream last for 3 years.
However, I know
This is very clear
The moment I saw you, the fact that I was so very excited.
My heart.................
My day is entirely about you....
..........How about me
............Was there even once I keep flashing past your thoughts......
......For at least once, because of me......
......Please, for my heart...............

[Info] Seung Jo's Mum Blog

Thanks for sharing by 달맞이꽃 @ Wonder if this blog was created by the crew or by fans. ^o^ Seung Jo's mum blog... hope it will be updated constantly!

To look at the blog, go to:
To look at the Photo Gallery:


Credit:  달맞이꽃 @
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Main Page

Photo Gallary

Monday, September 6, 2010

[News][2010.09.02]Korea Windy Company joint hands with popular drama acted by Kim Hyun Joong

[News][2010.09.02]Korea Windy Company joint hands with popular drama acted by Kim Hyun Joong

Credit: + (English translation)
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Korea Windy Company's MORPG 'Rusty Hearts' will joint hands with popular Korea Drama 'Naughty Kiss', cooperating in many areas. 'Naughty Kiss' is a newly broadcast drama on 1 Sept, it is edited from popular manga in Japan which has 27 million clicks. Proir to this, Taiwan has also remade it into a drama called 'It started with a Kiss'.

This time, Windy company will cooperate with this drama, using soft insert method. The main actor for the drama is acted by Korea popular idol Kim Hyun Joong (Korean version 'Hana Yori Dango''s Hanazawa Rui's character), the main actor's father will be the CEO of Windy company. At the same time, Windy Company's game will appear in many parts in the drama. This type of soft insert cooperation, is getting more and more popular for the internet gaming market in the recent years.

Some of the game character in 'Rusty Hearts'