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[Fan Account] 'Good Bye Seung Jo' Special Event [2010.10.22] by Taotao

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To be honest, I'm running out of words~
Other than excitement, it's still excitement
From the moment I received the email about securing a ticket,
I had been looking forward to the arrival of this day~

Was afraid of being late, so arrived at the venue very early
Truth be told, I simply couldn't sit still at home (forgive me my impulsive nature)
Reached the venue with Jie Mo unnie,
saw that everyone was holding something like fan merchandise in their hands.
Just when we were wondering if those were bought or given out,
the (website) admin/staff came running to us and asked, "Here for the fan meeting?"
We said yes, and were led to lots of goodies... haha, these, I like!
It wasn't time yet to collect the tickets, but there were many people queuing already.
Haha, we were very calm and just sat on the grass awhile longer
(Coz this time, it ain't first-come-first-served,
the agency had already allocated seat numbers to the tickets/attendees.
If it were on a first-come-first-served basis, I reckon we too won't be this calm)

Not much time left, so we too went to queue for our tickets.
I've gotta say I'm really lucky, got the fourth row
(the middle section of the first six rows were reserved for staff)
Our seats were really great~
After one more round of swopping tickets, we were moved forward to the third row.

At the beginning of the show, I could feel my mood getting increasingly excited.
The four-member Annyong Pada made an appearance first with a song.
Thereafter, the emcee made us shout Hyun Joong's name out loud
Just like that, our leading man appeared~
OMG, way too gorgeous!
I really really think that he's at his handsomest in real life~ Haha
Singing ONE MORE TIME, haha, so goodlooking~
He was singing with such tenderness
He seemed to be in a very good mood today, haha
He really did his best to sing the song well.
Oh alright, this is the first time I've swooned over this song.

Hee, after that performance, the rest of the cast proceeded to come on-stage.
They had appeared in this order:
Eun Jo, Dad, Juli, Min Ah, Jung Gu, Ha Ni

When Eun Jo came out, his popularity was evident in all the screams
I too love him to bits, just way cute!
The emcee even said that Eun Jo had overtaken his hyeong in the popularity department, haha!
Well, a case of when you love someone,
you love everything and everyone around him too,
Wuri Hyun Joong too likes Eun Jo very much~

The cast took turns to speak
Dad was really 'cooperative' and spoke about their kiss.
Aigoo, the screams~ haha (oh alright, I too was anticipating to watch it)
Me wanna say, Min Ah's really pretty
So slim too, me so envious!

Hee, after the introduction of the cast,
those cute four members from Annyong Bada came out again.
The emcee were interviewing them, and they were so shy
Hehe, so cute

When the four were singing,
the cast, other than Hyun Joong, were seated next to us to watch the performance.
Haha, Jie Mo unnie and I started speculating where Hyun Joong would be sitting
Just when we were still guessing and all,
Hyun Joong started his BE MY GIRL, haha
Jie Mo unnie was recording, and I was just there all excited and trying to take some pics
(At this point, I wanna apologise to all
I was trying to snap pics and Hyun Joong was moving here, there, everywhere
I couldn't find him in my viewfinder and got anxious,
so you could hear my saying 'NND, he keeps moving' in the fancam~)

*bb: NND is a very mild 'swearing' term in chinese ^o^

After the song, they gave everyone some time to use the washroom and rest abit.
I took the chance to call Bao Zi and relayed news and updates to her
Haha, Bao Zi got excited too just listening to the updates

After the drama started airing, Hyun Joong was the last to come out
At first he was seated at the fourth row on the seat that the staff had reserved for him,
and that spot was furthest from us.
Then a bodyguard said to let him move to the front
(Ahhh... I love that bodyguard!)
So Hyun Joong 'cooperated' and moved to the third row, same as Jie Mo unnie and me~
We're totally not in the mood to watch TV anymore
Kept twisting and turning our heads and only wanting to see Hyun Joong~
(Please forgive us our KHJ-thrist)
Even the bodyguard who was seated next to Hyun Joong
got all embarrassed being watched by the fans.

Hyun Joong was totally cool, and watching the drama with great interest
He even smiled/laughed
Only when it came to the kissing scene with Ha Ni on the bed,
he himself got shy and embarrassed and started drinking water continuously.
Haha, Kim Hyun Joong-arh, you too know to be shy and all....?
Haha, that tickled me so
The last kiss... shocked and stirred reactions out of everyone
The house was near collapsing~

Hyun Joong too had gone backstage to prepare for the final song
The fans present were near frenzy screaming~
Can I assume he was escaping by sneaking off to prepare for the final item?
Haha, otherwise, he would have been even more embarrassed

The last song THANK YOU was just too emo, and I was very near tears
Each and every time whenever I saw him and when it was nearing the end,
I would always have an urge to cry
But I tried to hold back and bear with it

After the song, he walked towards the stage platform
which lowered him to the lower level and out of our sight
Saying his goodbye, he left just like that
Oh, I can't bear to see him go~

Towards the end they played a clip, it was Hyun Joong's message to us~
Can he not be so emo and make us all teary-eyed? We will meet again~
Hehe, as Jie Mo unnie and I were walking out from the hall,
I saw some fans crying
I've gotta be strong and I won't cry

In order to catch the subway, Jie Mo unnie and I left quickly
There were still fans hanging around to wait for Hyun Joong
We'd better get ourselves home as top priority
Hehe, don't you think so too?

Finally, want to tell everyone this
When he looked in our direction, I waved at him
He was about to turn his head back around,
but turned back to take a look at me
Haha, no regrets, no regrets now.

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