Friday, October 1, 2010

[Translation] Text preview of Ep 11

Rumour said that the new tennis member Kim Ki Tae is acted by Kim Bum, I wonder if it is true? Can't wait till next wednesday to unveal the truth~~~

Credit: MBC Official Site + (Chinese translation) 时光 @ Baidu Tieba Naughty Kiss + (English translation)
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[Translation] Text preview for Ep11

Hani and Seung Jo who had been tortured by her bad sleeping postures welcome a new day. Both of them go to school together from the apartment. Joon Gu who had searched Hani franctically for the entire night has already worn out. At the same time news about Seung Jo and Hani spend the first night (?) together has spread fast, making everybody at a loss.

On the other hand, the tennis club welcome a charming new member, Kim Ki Tae! He abruptly request to date Hani "Start a new university life together with me, how about that?"

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