Monday, October 11, 2010

[Translation] Text preview of Ep 13

Credit: (Chinese translation) 彭彭@Baidu Tieba Korean Naughty Kiss + (Eng Translation)
Please repost with full credit

After knowing that the match mate is HeRa, Seung Jo is shocked.
After much thought, Seung Jo accepted HeRa suggestion to try getting along with her.
Hani is very down towards the news of possibility that Seung Jo might married his big investor's grand-daughter HeRa.
Her friends tell her to make use of this opportunity to give up on Seung Jo.
On the other hand, Eun Jo starts to worry about his brother sudden change, he has also felt the different atmosphere that flow between his brother and Hani.
Hani finally make a decision to date Joon Gu who will treasure her no matter anytime, but meet Seung Jo who is also dating coincidently at the same place.
As Hani cannot understand Seung Jo's heart who had seen this situation, she felt very disturb!

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